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Applying Vietnamese visa quickly


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Check information correctly and submit for payment

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Answer our customer questions

Visa on arrival Vietnam is in definition a pre-arranged online visa and get approved before travel. You get a visa approval letter from the Vietnamese Immigration and collect the visa stamp when arriving in Vietnam.

Here are the steps for visa on arrival to Vietnam:

  1. Apply online. Fill the form and make service fee.
  2. Get visa approval letter on email. This is an official travel document.
  3. Once arrive in Vietnam Airport, hand in all documents at the landing visa counter. (Eg. Passport, visa letter, passport photos, entry and exit form, visa stamping fee).
  4. You get your passport back with the visa stamp. You are ready to enter Vietnam.

If you’re planning a trip to Vietnam and arrive in Vietnam on an international flight, landing at these airports Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Da Nang or Nha Trang, Haiphong, Phu Quoc Island, then a you are legitimate to obtaining a Visa On Arrival to Vietnam. You must apply online before your trip at You can opt for a very simple and much cheaper, easy and convenient way.

Vietnam introduced visa on arrival since 2003. Most country can apply for it. It safe and legal. This is pre-arranged visa issued by the Vietnamese Immigration.

eVisa and Visa on arrival to Vietnam is an online visa.

The steps to apply for Vietnamese visa online: 

  1. You apply online, choose visa type and duration.
  2. The Vietnamese Immigration process and grant visa letter.
  3. You get Vietnamese visa letter on email. Use it to collect visa stamp into passport when arriving.

Vietnamese visa online is faster, less hassle, cheaper and better support. You can apply from anywhere, no need to go back and forth to the embassy.

  • No need to hand in any documents.
  • Everything is done online.
  • Can easily track your visa order online
  • Get dedicated support online 24/7
  • No need to queue up at the embassy
  • Cheaper & faster
  • Secure online connections and application form
  • No wait on the phone to the embassy
  • Get all info on email 
  • Full guide and support
  • MOST IMPORTANT! 100% Guarantee visa or full refund
  • And much more.. Try us.

We have staff and partners all around Vietnam.

Any degree of fraud or misrepresentation is likely to result in your application being refused, and you may be excluded from being granted a visa. Applicants should answer all questions fully and truthfully and disclose any information relevant to the visa form.

Your visa is process based on your visa order. Vietnamese Immigration will check towards your  travel passport when arriving Vietnam. Any error, need to re-apply. No change is possible, since it this is an official visa document issued by the Vietnamese Immigration.

IS Vietnam Visa on Arrival safe?

Department of Public Security has officially issued from September 15, 2003 issued regulation on visa for all foreigners to Vietnam (Related Articles in National Ordinance). Instead of taking time to get visa stamped at Vietnamese Embassy, ​​visitors to Vietnam can get entry visa stamp at one of the Vietnamese International Airports.

Yes, it is safe and legal.

We guarantee visa or full 100% refund. No worry or risk.

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