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The complete Buon Me Thuot travel guide
The complete Buon Me Thuot travel guide

The complete Buon Me Thuot travel guide

Considered to be the cultural center of the Central Highlands, Buon Me Thuot attracts tourists with vast coffee fields, majestic waterfalls, the beauty of the legendary Serepok river, and many other interesting and beautiful places. If you come to this city for the first time, here are the complete Buon Me Thuot travel guide for you.

Buon Me Thuot city square
Buon Me Thuot city square

The ideal time to travel to Buon Me Thuot

Buon Me Thuot has 2 distinct seasons in a year. The dry season starts from November to April the next year. The rainy season is from May to October. Due to the relatively comfortable climate with the annual average temperature from 23 to 24 degrees, Buon Me Thuot welcomes tourists at any time. But the ideal times is in December (the month of wild sunflowers and festivals) and from February to March (coffee season and elephant racing festival).

Elephant race festival in Buon Me Thuot
Elephant race festival in Buon Me Thuot

How to get to Buon Me Thuot

Buon Me Thuot is about 350 km from Ho Chi Minh City and 1,400 km from Hanoi. You can choose to travel by road or air:

– From Ho Chi Minh City: If you go by car or bus, it will take you about 7-8 hours. You can rent a private car or buy bus tickets at Mien Dong bus station for about 200,000 – 240,000 VND/one-way ticket. There are many trips during the day. You should choose a late trip (22h) to take a night sleep on the way.

In addition, you can choose direct flights of Vietnam Airlines, Vietjet Air, Jetstar for about 1-1.5 million for a round-trip. It only takes about an hour to fly to Buon Ma Thuot from Saigon.

Buon Ma Thuot Airport
Buon Ma Thuot Airport

– From Hanoi: a round-trip flight ticket is from 2 to 3 million VND. The estimated travel time is about 1h40 minutes.

Buon Ma Thuot airport is about 15 km from the city center. There are many taxis so you don’t have to worry about how to move.

Where to stay and what to eat in Buon Me Thuot?

Where to stay? Buon Me Thuot travel guide

There are various accommodation options for you to choose in Buon Ma Thuot, from budget hostels to luxury hotels.

There are various types of rooms to choose
There are various types of rooms to choose in Buon Ma Thuot

Tips: You should choose a hotel on Ngo Quyen, Nguyen Duc Canh, Nguyen Cong Tru and Nguyen Chi Thanh streets. Because they are near tourist attractions in Buon Ma Thuot. If you travel on a holiday, you should book in advance to avoid high rates.

What to eat?

  • Food

Coming to Buon Ma Thuot, you definitely cannot miss a chance to try specialties here.

Bun Do: also known as red rice noodles in English is a very delicious dish made from crab’s brik, quail eggs, kinds of vegetables and red broth. You can try this at the crossroad of Tran Phu and Y Zut or on Phan Dinh Giot, Le Hong Phong streets.

You cannot leave Buon Ma Thuot without trying Bun Do
You cannot leave Buon Ma Thuot without trying Bun Do

Uot Cake with barbecue: A plate of Uot Cake, a plate of barbecue, cucumbers, mango and herbs, all are rolled up and served with a cup of spicy pipping sauce. The taste of this dish will surely not disappoint you, trust me. Visitors can visit E45 Tran Nhat Duat (from 3.00pm) to try this specialty of Buon Ma Thuot.

Uot cake with barbecue
Uot cake with barbecue – A must-try dish in Buon Ma Thuot
  • Coffee

When visiting Buon Ma Thuot, you cannot leave without try some coffee here. To have a relaxing time in a cozy space while sipping a cup of authentic coffee of the Central Highland, you can refer some of the addresses such as: 1990 café (63 Nguyen Thong), House of Lens (14/19 Cu Chinh Lan), Bus Café (16 Nguyen Son), Thi Café (71 Ly Thuong Kiet), etc.

authentic coffee
Come to Buon Ma Thuot to try authentic coffee

Want to create a list of destinations to go in Buon Me Thuot? Click here for suggestions from locals.

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